How to Use the Catalog

How to Use the Catalog

– How to Search

At the top of each page there is a search box that you can use to search the training resources in this catalog. Type a title or keywords into the search box and then select the search icon or press enter to view the results. If you are looking for an exact phrase, often times it’s best to use quotation marks around the phrase to find exactly what you want. In addition, you can sort the search results using the drop down on the top right of the search results page and sort by relevance, price, last updated, and average rating.

– Using filters and defining them

To narrow down your results on the search results page, use the filtering option on the left side of the displayed results. To keep particular content included in your search results, select the checkbox next to the items that are relevant. Once you have checked everything you wish to refine your results by, select X to view your updated results. When using the filtering and sorting features, keep in mind that not all training materials have all criteria listed.


  • Topic: The transit-related area that the course focuses on.
  • Transit Mode: Provides results specific to a particular mode of transit.
  • National Standards: Provides results that are aligned with certain National Standards, such as APTA or ADA.
  • Delivery Method: Provides results for specific methods of training; instructor-led training, online training, and webinars are examples of different types of delivery methods. For example, if you prefer a training that is in-person/a classroom setting, choosing the instructor-led training filter will assist you in finding those courses.
  • Fee: Provides results by the cost associated with participating in the training.
  • Experience Level: Provides results by recommended experience level for courses; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • User Rating: Provides results based on user ratings of the training materials. A rating of 1 through 5 stars based on their opinion of how useful or effective the course or materials are.


  • Relevance: This sorts results based on how closely the training materials’ title or description matches with the key words you entered into the search box. Results will be sorted from the most relevant to the least relevant.
  • Price: This sorts results by price either from lowest cost to highest cost, or from highest cost to lowest cost.
  • Last Updated: This sorts training materials based on how recently they were updated.
  • Average Rating: This sorts results by users’ rating from highest rating to lowest rating. If the training materials have no user rating, they will be moved to the bottom of your search results.