2 the Point Training

The 2 the Point training cards have been designed to be quick refresher trainings for transportation drivers that can be reviewed in the break room, while parked and waiting for a passenger to finish an appointment, or at the beginning of the day before beginning a route. Each card has training information on the front and a set of questions on the back. After the driver finishes reviewing the information, he/she can answer the short quiz. There is space at the bottom of the card for both the driver’s and his/her supervisor’s signature. These training cards are designed so that each card can stand alone or be completed in a series, allowing you move at a pace and style that suites your training needs. They can be completed sequentially within a topic area or you can pull out particular cards to refresh drivers on problem areas as they arise. This refresher training program was created to be flexible so that the material can be used by each system to create a program that addresses its particular training needs. Cards are available for downloading and printing online.

  • Prerequisite: Not Listed
  • Duration: Varies
  • Training Resources: Index cards, answer key, tracking spreadsheet


National Rural Transit Assistance Program

Transit Type


Target Audience

Rural and tribal transit operators, state program managers

Learning Objectives

Not Listed

Assessment of Learner Performance


National Standards

FTA Tribal Transit Program

Delivery Method


How to Obtain the Course

Team Admin Getting Started Guide, Must submit Agency Request form, Download online

Point of Contact

Not Listed



Restrictions for Use

Not Listed



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