Advanced Problems in Bus Collision Investigation

Learn about advanced collision investigation techniques and methodologies to identify and analyze skid marks, enhanced scene photography, and identify bus collision contributing factors, as they relate to speed in pedestrian, bus, automobile, and motorcycle collisions. This course involves extensive mathematical calculations of complex speed estimates and mathematical formulas, including time and distance relationships and builds upon the Fundamentals of Bus Collision Investigation (FT00435) training course.

  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of FT00435 – Fundamentals of Bus Collision Investigation
  • Training Duration: 40 hours over 4.5 days
  • Training Resources: Field investigation and simulated court trial, Pretest, quizzes, homework, group exercises, final exam


Transportation Safety Institute

Transit Type


Target Audience

Bus Operator Trainers, Collision Investigators, Safety Managers and Supervisors, Operations and Maintenance Managers/Supervisors, Risk Managers, Local Law Enforcement personnel (traffic/accident investigators), Court Witnesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Chain of events in a collision and investigator tools
  • Intermediate review package
  • Combined speeds skids on consecutive and simultaneous surfaces
  • Speed/Velocity conversions
  • Time and distance
  • Airborne equations – falls, vaults, and flips
  • Pedestrian collisions
  • Motorcycles
  • Field investigation simulated trial
  • Field exercise: simulated collision and on-scene investigation
  • Assembling investigation documentation and legal court case preparation

Assessment of Learner Performance

Final exam

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

Point of Contact

Ricky Thomas


Not listed

Restrictions for Use

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