Advanced Rail Incident Investigation

Continue to develop the skills gained in Rail Incident Investigation by learning advanced techniques for investigating rail incidents. Examine interview techniques and study concepts of human factors and survivability.

  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of FT00430/FT00544 – Transit Rail Incident Investigation, and at least seven years of experience in rail operations, safety, and/or investigations
  • Training Duration: 40 hours over 4.5 days
  • Training Resources: Exercises: system, investigation – forces, table-top, track-train dynamics, pretest, quizzes, final exam


Transportation Safety Institute

Transit Type


Target Audience

Rail Accident Investigators, Risk Managers, Rail Supervisors, Transit Police, Rail Vehicle Manufacturers, Operations Managers, Operations Staff, Rail System Engineers, Rail Security Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel, Rail Maintenance Managers, Rail Managers, Claims/Insurance Adjusters, Rail Safety Personnel, Rail Operating Executives, Federal, State, Local Officials.

Learning Objectives

  • Types of rail systems, incidents, and investigations (review)
  • System elements (track, signals, traction power, train control, vehicles)
  • Track-Train dynamic forces (wheel/rail, train and grade resistance, acceleration and braking, braking curves, criteria tolerance)
  • Change factors (track, signals, power, vehicles)
  • Operating rules
  • Human factors
  • Investigative tools and techniques
  • Documentation report preparation

Assessment of Learner Performance

Final exam

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

Point of Contact

Jamie McAlvain



Restrictions for Use

Not Listed



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