Brake Systems for Transit II – Air System Training

This course covers the principles of operation, construction, trouble-shooting and repair of transit bus air brake and accessory systems. Preventive maintenance procedures as well as legal requirements for transit bus brake systems are also covered

  • Prerequisites: Brakes for Transit I – #SC-BR-1300-I preffered
  • Duration: 16 hours over 2 days
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium

Transit Type


Target Audience

Brake Technicians

Learning Objectives

  • Physics
  • FMVSS 121, CVSA, CVC, Title 49 FCR, and Title 13 COR requirements
  • Air System layout and design
  • Air line color codes
  • Fitting Identification
  • Pneumatic schematics
  • Supply system operation
  • Supply system components
  • Control system operation
  • Control system components
  • Service, parking brake, and accessory systems
  • Component failure diagnosis and repair procedures

Assessment of Learner Performance

None Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

Register for the course via the following link:

Point of Contact




Restrictions for Use

Not Listed



Other notes

Availability of this course may change based on SCRTTC course schedule.

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