Comprehensive ADA Paratransit Eligibility

The course begins with a review of ADA paratransit criteria and then reviews ADA paratransit eligibility requirements. The two-day session presents more detailed information about alternative eligibility determination processes, with a focus on in-person interview and assessment options. It also addresses “difficult” determination issues and presents options for trip-by-trip eligibility determinations

• Prerequisite: None
• Duration: 2 days
• Training Resources: Not Listed


National Transit Institute

Transit Type


Target Audience

Those interested in learning about several in-person interview/assessment tools and approaches and how to apply them in their systems

Learning Objectives

Not Listed

Assessment of Learner Performance

Not Listed

National Standards

Not Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

Request a session via the following link:

Point of Contact

Myrna Sirleaf



Restrictions for Use

Not Listed


• $300.00 for Contractor, Consulting, Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other • Free for all others

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