Cummins 8.3L Basic Computerized Engine Management Systems

This course is designed to give technicians the entry level skills needed to diagnose and repair the Cummins 8.3L CNG fuel system. The course covers sensors, actuators, pin-out voltage values and real world diagnostic applications. This course is essential for those seeking to learn more about fuel and timing delivery strategies employed by manufacturers. To gain a thorough understanding, upon completion of this course students should enroll into level II.

  • Prerequisite: Familiarity with Multi-meters and Electrical I.
  • Duration: 24 hours over 3 days
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium

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Target Audience

Entry level technicians or those seeking to improve their knowledge on computerized engine management systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Unique characteristics of Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel
  • A basic understanding of the Theory of operation
  • A basic understanding of the operation and diagnostic procedures of the 8.3 ignition system, fuel system, boost system and their components
  • A basic understanding of sensor values
  • A basic understanding of pin-out voltages
  • A basic understanding of testing techniques
  • A basic understanding of 8.3 actuator operational characteristics
  • A basic understanding of 8.3 ignition system
  • Introduction to Cummins “Insite” software

Assessment of Learner Performance

None Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

Register for the course via the following link:

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Restrictions for Use

Not Listed



Other notes

Availability of this course may change based on SCRTTC course schedule.

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