EBI Screen 900 ARS Operators (TMX01B)

To provide delegates knowledge and skills to create and maintain automatons and traffic plans through the ARS interface AutoGen and TPGen in EBICOS 900

  • Prerequisite: Good experience in railway signaling, Knowledge of the train dispatching process, Some experience of working with Windows, Course EBI Screen 900 introduction
  • Duration: Not Listed
  • Training Resources: Course summary sheet, course plan, list of equipment, presentation material, student documentation, assessment forms, Overview Documents, Trainer Material, Student Material and Supporting Documents


Bombardier Rail Control Solutions (RCS) Training Academy

Transit Type


Target Audience

Scheduler and train dispatcher

Learning Objectives


Assessment of Learner Performance


Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training at customer site or at any Bombardier Transportation site

How to Obtain the Course

Contact POC

Point of Contact

Per Olofsson


Not Listed

Restrictions for Use

Not Listed


Not Listed

Other notes

Max 4 participants

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