eDigital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) and ITS

The Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) and ITS self-paced distance learning course is designed to improve technicians’ understanding of basic DVOM functions. Students will be working with a virtual DVOM to learn its safe usage and best practices. Course includes both knowledge topics and knowledge activities. Reference Material will be provided as Resources.

  • Prerequisite: Personal Experience with Digital Volt-Ohm Meter Desired
  • Duration: 16 hours over 4-week period
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium

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Target Audience


Learning Objectives

  • Use the functions of the DVOM
  • Properly hookup the DVOM for each function
  • Interpret basic DVOM digital displays
  • Perform voltage measurements
  • Perform current measurements
  • Perform resistance measurements
  • Identify open circuits and high resistance
  • Understand Min/Max, diode and other special functions

Assessment of Learner Performance

None Listed

Delivery Method


How to Obtain the Course

Register for the course via the following link:


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Restrictions for Use

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Other notes

Availability of this course may change based on SCRTTC course schedule.

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