Effective Supervision in Transit

Supervisors must learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves. In addition, they must earn trust and respect, in order to motivate, and strike the right balance between delegation and control. Supervisors must become skilled in proactive communication, listen well, demonstrate sensitivity, and articulate clearly. Supervisors must become adept in working in a diverse environment. As we face the complex challenges of today’s Transit environment, it becomes increasingly crucial that we examine our own behaviors as it relates to helping our organizations succeed.

• Prerequisite: None
• Duration: 2 days
• Training Resources: Not Listed


National Transit Institute

Transit Type


Target Audience

Experienced supervisors

Learning Objectives

• Recognize the characteristics of effective and ineffective leadership • Apply a number of effective leadership techniques and methods • Develop a range of personal skills and behaviors that will help achieve leadership goals • Lead others with diverse styles • Coach and develop others for motivation and performance

Assessment of Learner Performance

Not Listed

National Standards

Not Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

Request a session via the following link: http://www.ntionline.com/effective-supervision-in-transit/

Point of Contact

Ginny Stern



Restrictions for Use

Not Listed


Dependent on Transit Agency Location

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