Human Factors in Accident Investigation

This course provides investigators, safety professionals and applicable support personnel with a systems approach to the investigation of human performance causes and contributing factors. Since most accidents involve human errors and/or omissions, the human element is examined for direct and contributing causal factors as discovered in recent investigations. If accidents are to be prevented, the investigation process should assist all levels of management in knowing how such circumstances come together in an accident. Identification of latent and active management factors in aviation mishaps is also explored to provide an understanding of how such decisions affect accidents. Traditionally, investigators have focused on the last person in the accident causation chain who could have intervened to prevent the accident. However, a closer examination often reveals that latent causal factors beyond the control of the operator create a situation ripe for an accident.

  • Prerequisite: Not Listed
  • Training Duration: 24 hours over 3 days
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Transportation Safety Institute

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Target Audience

Investigators, safety professionals, and applicable support personnel.

Learning Objectives

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Assessment of Learner Performance

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Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

Point of Contact

Aviation Training



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