Public Transportation Emergency Preparedness Workshop

This invitation only workshop will present a structured forum in which interoperability before, during, and after an emergency will be a driving force. Each session will bring together selected representatives from public transit systems, private transportation companies, emergency services, various levels of transportation departments, health-care facilities, state, local, as well as the federal government. The workshops will provide a forum to discuss all aspects of the challenges of large-scale, multi-agency response and incident management.

  • Prerequisite: Not Listed
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


National Transit Institute

Transit Type


Target Audience

Transit Employees, Emergency Managers, Public Safety Managers, Police, Fire & EMS Supervisors

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the role and contributions of public transportation on a daily basis and during emergency situations
  • List the specific types of resources and services your agency can contribute during a multi-agency and multi-discipline response
  • Identify the four phases of emergency management and practice emergency management given real world scenarios

Assessment of Learner Performance

Not Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

See course information via the following link

Point of Contact




Restrictions for Use

Not Listed



Other notes

This is by invitation only

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