Rule Chapter 14-90, Florida Administrative Code: AReview for You – A Course for Bus Transit Drivers

This CBT course offers bus transit drivers an overview of the Equipment and Operational Safety Standards contained within Rule Chapter 14-90, FAC. While Chapter 14-90 is comprehensive, and addresses many safety standards in various areas, this course focuses on those items pertinent to the bus transit driver, including – What is Rule Chapter 14-90, Florida Administrative Code?; Driver Selection, Qualification, and Minimum Driver Training Requirements; Wireless Communication Devices; Operational and Driving Requirements; Operational Safety and Medical Examinations; Pre-Trip Inspections

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Center for Urban Transportation Research, Tampa

Transit Type


Target Audience

Florida public transit agency employees

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what Rule 14-90 is and why it is important
  • Comprehend how Rule 14-90 affects each bus transit driver and their agency
  • Explain how drivers are qualified and selected
  • Discuss the required training elements established in Rule 14-90
  • Distinguish the difference between Rule 14-90 requirements and agency policies and procedures
  • Restate Florida legal requirements for a CDL
  • Identify the requirements for pre-trip inspections of buses prescribed in Rule 14-90

Assessment of Learner Performance

Assessment at the end of each module, which the learner must pass with at least an 80% before they can move to the next module.

How to Obtain the Course

Access the link to register through the FDOT LMS via the link below:

Point of Contact

Lisa Staes



Restrictions for Use

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