Safety Orientation

This training provides a general safety awareness orientation. Remember the motto: “Do it safely, or don’t do it!” Prevention of injury and safeguarding health is the responsibility of everyone—both management and employees. The safety and health of employees is the overriding concern in all phases of operations. Completion of the first module will provide you with a general awareness of policy, responsibilities, what to wear, tools, hazards, and personal protective equipment (PPE). The second module will cover proper housekeeping practices, critical elements of hazard communication, confined spaces, procedure for lockout or tag out, and components of health and safety policies.

  • Prerequisite: Not Listed
  • Training Duration: 2 hours
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3)

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Target Audience

This training is recommended for the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council levels I, II, III, and IV. or anyone that is involved with providing a safe work place, safe equipment, proper materials, and establishing and insisting upon safe methods and practices at all times.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the reasons for having a safety policy;
  • Describe the employee and supervisor responsibilities at the workplace;
  • Identify what is appropriate and safe to wear to work;
  • Describe the different types of tools and the proper ways to use them;
  • Describe standard operating procedures to control for hazards;
  • Identify the components of PPE;
  • Identify proper housekeeping practices;
  • Describe the critical elements of hazard communication;
  • Define confined spaces;
  • Describe the procedure for lockout or tagout; and
  • Identify the important components of health and safety policies.

Assessment of Learner Performance

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How to Obtain the Course

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American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


$100 for non-members; $50 for members, $0 for subscribed members; TC3 web-based trainings are FREE for employees of state DOTs that contribute annually to the TC3 technical service program.

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