Transit Alternative Fuel/Power Systems

This advanced course explores current alternative fuels technology with detailed description and troubleshooting of the EP40 parallel hybrid system. Components include: ESS energy storage system, DPIM Dual power inverter module, and TCM/VCM. Torque blending theory, fuel cells, ULSD, PC-10 and CJ-4 oils, and alternative fuels are also presented.

  • Prerequisite: Must be Transit 3 Technician
  • Training Duration: 120 clock hours
  • Training Resources: Not Listed


Transit Maintenance Analysis and Resource Center (TMAARC)

Transit Type


Target Audience

Transit Technician 3

Learning Objectives

Not Listed

Assessment of Learner Performance

Not Listed

Delivery Method

Instructor-led Training

How to Obtain the Course

Enroll in the course via the following link:

Point of Contact

Ed Bart - Program Manager, USF-CUTR



Restrictions for Use

None listed


Not Listed

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