Transit Mid-Manager Seminar

Eno’s Transit Mid-Manager Seminar, an integral element of Eno’s leadership training program, is an intensive, weeklong course that provides mid-managers in the transit industry with the leadership and management skills needed to succeed.  It is designed for mid-level managers at public and private transit operating companies, private sector partners, and federal and state transportation agencies. It provides the tools for mid-managers to act as a bridge between senior leadership and public facing employees as well as to advance to more senior positions.


Eno Center for Transportatoion

Target Audience

Midlevel Managers in public transportation agencies and companies that serve the transit industry

Learning Objectives

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Change management
  • Critical Role of Mid Managers
  • Crossing the Generational Divide

The course includes classroom instruction, group workshops, a leadership panel with industry experts, and follow up webinars. In addition, it includes two individualized confidential coaching sessions that provide each participant with detailed feedback and growth opportunities.

How to Obtain the Course

Learn more about the course via the following link:

Transit Mid-Manager Seminar

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