Innovations in Training

Innovations in Training

This section is aimed at helping transit organizations explore new potential solutions for training that are adding value in other domains such as the military and aerospace industry. Innovative methods that transit agencies can apply to guide and enhance their existing training programs in order to engage learners are highlighted.


A simulation is a representation or model of a real-world process or system over time. In learning, simulation can be thought of as a technique for practice that can replace and/or amplify real experiences with guided ones. Simulations are often immersive and can be used to engage learners in lifelike scenarios and situations, depending on the level of fidelity of the simulation.


Video games are beginning to see an increase in popularity as a training tool and many training games have been developed across most industries. One of the biggest users of video game training is the U.S. Military, with over 50 different video game training courses used across a wide range of skills.

Web Based Training

Web-based training, sometimes called eLearning, is instruction accessed through computerized electronic technologies, such as the Internet, intranet, compact disc, mobile devices, or other digital media. It is typically delivered to a geographically dispersed audience via the Internet to somewhere other than the traditional classroom, and requires active engagement and interaction by the learner to meet objectives and achieve intended outcomes.


Transmedia Storytelling (TS) is the process of telling, elaborating, and evolving stories across multiple delivery methods to create a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. One of the first and most successful examples of TS is the Star Wars franchise, which spans across movies, books, graphic novels, television shows, video games, social media, and more. Transmedia Learning (TL) is a relatively new concept that combines the process of TS with instructional systems design practices to generate a continuous experience that results in measurable behavior change.

Adaptive Learning & Intelligent Tutoring

Adaptive learning takes place in a type of training where some aspect of the training is varied to create an optimal learning experience for a particular learner.


Mobile learning has gained popularity recently, with the growing access to smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, phablets, etc., that allow learning content and training to be delivered via the device.

Social Media

A broad range of websites and applications including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogging, wikis, collaboration portals, audio/video podcasts, and widgets are considered Social Media.