Best Practices

The purpose of this report is to provide information on training methods and best practices that transit agencies can apply to guide and to enhance their existing training programs. Improvements may include creating new instruction or modifying existing training. In particular, innovative methods that engage learners are highlighted along with techniques for anytime, anywhere learning.The report is organized to allow the users to quickly access information to apply in enhancing their transit training program. It contains the following sections as described below:

  • Effective Approaches for Training Program Development: Provides information on Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and National Training Standards that can be used to create quality training.
  • Innovate Training Strategies: An overview of types of innovative training strategies including simulations, gaming, adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring, transmedia, web-based training, mobile, and social media. This section includes examples of each training strategy in the transit and non-transit industries, as well as potential ways the strategy could be implemented in the transit industry.
  • Next Steps: Potential next steps for the transit industry for expanding the use of innovative training solutions and best practices.

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