NHI Guide

The National Highway Institute (NHI) is committed to developing and delivering quality transportation training. They maintain an extensive catalog of both internally and externally developed courses that cover a range of topics of interest to highway transportation professionals. Although their focus is not specifically on public transportation, any courses identified as relevant to transit professionals have been included in the TRB Transit Industry Course Catalog.

In addition, NHI provides several valuable resources for those who develop courses for its platform that could also be of value for the public transportation industry. For example:

  • The NHI Style and Standards Guide helps course developers prepare materials that are consistent in appearance and use, helpful to the instructors and participants, and useful as reference tools to enhance job performance.
  • A Sample Course Design Plan template provides a structure to plan out course development in a systematic way.
  • Standards Guides for Instructor-led, Web-based, and Web-conference Training provide requirements for how to structure the courses themselves and what elements should be included. (Note: these elements are not required for courses in the TRB Transit Industry Course Catalog, but they are consistent with development of high quality transportation training).
  • Sample Instructor Guides and Participant Workbooks provide examples of how to develop these important resources to support consistent course delivery and engagement of participants.

These resources and others can be found at: https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/resources/intro_developing.aspx